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“Finance isn’t rocket science, but you’d better understand it clearly.”
William Bernstein, M.D.

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Father is a doc, brother is a doc, wife is a doc.


“If you need or want a financial advisor, be sure to hire a fee-only financial advisor.”
Jim Dahle, M.D.


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“The main difficulty with choosing an investment advisor is that by the time you know enough to choose a good one, you probably know enough to do your financial planning and asset management on your own.”
Jim Dahle, M.D.

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“Don’t feel obligated to hire someone who lives in your town. Most financial advising can easily occur by email or phone. I’d rather have a great adviser who lives across the country than a mediocre one who lives next door.”
Jim Dahle, M.D.

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“You can do it yourself, but it’s difficult, and I think the 1% estimate is probably about right. I come up with actually a theoretical estimate of around one one-hundredth of 1%, but that may be off.”
William Bernstein, M.D.