About Joe Matelich

Joe is a fee-only advisor and solopreneur at Physician Advising, where he provides physician-specific financial advice at a fair price.  After work, Joe is typically found in the kitchen trying to match the timing of a hot meal to his wife's variable residency schedule. 

Since Joe is a big fan of cooking, a fitting metaphor for Joe's work as a financial advisor is that of going to a highly recommended restaurant because the chef uses fresh ingredients and eats what he cooks.  In financial planning and investment management, Joe's recommendations mirror his family's actions.


“Will you have a fiduciary requirement toward me? This refers to whether the adviser is legally obligated to put your financial interests first, or if his first allegiance is to a firm.”
Jim Dahle, M.D.


Bachelors of Arts - Psychology, Gonzaga University 2010

Masters of Business - Finance, Regis University 2014

Medical School Tag-along, 2013 to Present