Comprehensive Advising - Post Residency

What Joe charges is kind of like a hiring a general contractor to build a house.  Joe has a sense of how many hours he will work with you and how many hours he will work behind the scenes on your financial plan.  Joe quotes an initial planning fee as well as an annual cost based on factors of complexity in your life and you pay monthly.

Hiring Joe is sort of like having a residency preceptor.  It is still your financial life and your financial tasks but you have Joe to talk through your possible plan.  You can either implement it yourself or Joe can assist.


Initial planning fee:  50% of first year's annual amount is added to annual amount & included in monthly payment

plus (+)

Flat annual amount (paid monthly) calculated based on complexity. Typically $2,040/year ($170/month) to $3,360/year ($280/month).  Flat annual amount is recalculated once per year or in unique circumstances.

Physician Financial Advising Pricing For Doctors


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Post Reisdency Financial Advisor Engagement Standards

Engagement Standards

Core Tenets

“The process of choosing a financial adviser. In many respects, the process is similar to choosing your physician. There are no rigid guidelines, the personality fit can be key, expectations need to be realistic, you should avoid the bad apples, and by the time you know enough to choose properly, you may not need one at all.”
Jim Dahle, M.D.